Maureen Conquer is behind Wild Forage.

These days I am busy working to help NZ bees.

With a background in design, hospitality, the wine industry and the BeesOnline honey company… my passion for New Zealand’s fine produce and ecosystem has grown.

I served on the National Beekeepers’ Association Executive for 5 years, ran award winning restaurants, a member of the NZ Guild of Food Writers, was a founding member of the Sustainable Business Network and now serve as Oceania representative for Apimondia, the International Beekeeping Federation.

As a serious Bee Advocate I’m always happy to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for Bees and Honey. I currently consult to the honey industry, and provide honey sensory analysis and training, growing added economic value through stories and product development.

I have been lucky enough to travel the world, judge honey and promote New Zealand Food and Beverage maximising our unique marketing edge.

Despite the strengths of our beekeeping industry. NZ Bees are under the global threat of rapidly declining numbers through Varroa, pesticides, disease, loss of habitat, forage and fodder.

Bees need our help. One way we can help — Bee Friendly planting.

Wild Forage in collaboration with has packed a Wildflower Seed Rescue Remedy for Bees. This low growing mix contains 17 bright and cheerful flowers that will seed down and spring back into life each year.  For our kitchen and potager gardens, there’s a Bee Friendly Edible Flower & Herb Mix. Assets for your garden, orchard or hedgerow, but a lifesaving source of nectar and pollen for NZ bees.

Bees need nectar and pollen for carbohydrates and protein essential for energy, growth and good health. Healthy bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites, in turn they provide the pollination essential for ⅓ of our food supply.
One mouthful in 3 and ¾ of the diversity of our human diet is attributed to bees.

Bees can no longer survive without humans and we cannot survive without bees.
One of the ways you can help New Zealand Bees is to plant Bee friendly.

All proceeds from the sale of these seeds will go to Apiculture NZ to help New Zealand Bees.